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Posted By on December 6, 2010

Just under an hour ago, Tom Barrett, originator of the Interesting Ways series, started a new series on Google Forms in the Classroom. He used Twitter to invite educators to join him in creating this Creative Commons licensed work. In less than one hour (!) contributors from all over the world built this document from zero to eighteen pages of terrific actual classroom examples and they are continuing to expand this resource. (Update: As of this morning, December 7, 2010, there are now 40 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom!)

Tom Barrett Tweets During Development of Google Forms Series

In one of Tom’s tweets he invited all of us to go take a look at how this document is taking shape right before our eyes. I decided to do a quick screencast of what I saw which you can view below. This is an amazing real-time example of the power of networked educators at their best.

As Ewan McIntosh notes: “Sharing, and sharing online specifically, is not in addition to the work of being an educator. It is the work.”

Tom Barrett Crowdsourcing an Interesting Ways Google Doc from Barbara on Vimeo.

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Barbara Lindsey currently serves as director of the Multimedia Language Center at the University of Connecticut. She has given numerous presentations and workshops on Internet-based language instruction at the state and national level. Barbara has twelve years experience teaching German language at the university level, and for the private business sector as well as after school enrichment programs. She has served as project director on three federally funded grants and is a past president of the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (2004-2006).